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How to Set Up Your Email Using Apple Mail

Who would have thought that more than twenty years after they started slugging it out, Microsoft and Apple would still be going toe-to-toe and be two of the largest companies in the world. Both now offer a spectrum of products from hardware such as phones, tablets and laptops through to software and online services. Supporters of either brand can be highly critical of the other and blind to any weaknesses of their favourite.

So which is best? The market has already told you the answer – both are!

Each have their strengths and benefits and in recognition of this, we see Microsoft introducing more and more products into the Apple world, potentially as a way to encourage Apple fans to consider Microsoft as less of the enemy. Being able to run Microsoft Office on a MacBook Pro – and have it work well – was once an impossibility. Not so any more.

That being said, there are still many people who prefer the way the Apple iWork suite works and feel that Apple Mail is fantastic and don’t feel the need to pay for Outlook. From a POP mail perspective, Apple Mail is definitely the email program that customers struggle with the most, so we thought a walkthrough would be helpful for anyone setting this up. This is based on using our Webcity servers using the NON-SSL settings but could apply to any POP mail service.

Apple Mail Setup Step 1

1. Navigate to the " Mail " option on the top left-hand corner of your Apple mail Program and select Preferences.

Apple Mail Setup Step 2

2. Out of the available options select accounts to view any existing email accounts, if none exist you can add your email account by clicking the " + " symbol on the bottom left of the preferences window.

Apple Mail Setup Step 3

3. Select the " Add Other Mail Account " option

Apple Mail Setup Step 4

4. You will need to enter your name, your webcity email address and webcity email address password.

Apple Mail Setup Step 5

5. You can use either IMAP or POP as an email protocol, the incoming port number for IMAP is 143 and for POP3 it is 110, for the mail server option type " mail.yourdomainname "

Apple Mail Setup Step 6

6. For the outgoing SMTP server, you will need to enter the same information as entered previously which would be " mail.yourdomainname"

Apple Mail Setup Step 7

7. For the outgoing server, it is recommended that you disable SSL and you must use 25 as the port number, ensure that authentication is set to password.

Apple Mail Setup Step 8

8. After you have created your email account you can check the incoming port number by clicking advanced, again it is recommended to disable SSL and set the authentication method to password, the IMAP incoming port number is 143 and the POP3 incoming is 110.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your email please contact one of our customer support consultants.

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